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Looking to buy a second hand Porsche? A used Porsche can be a fantastic investment and provide years of pleasure however if you buy a complete turkey it can lead to problem after problem. Buying a used car instead of a new one can save you a significant amount of money and if you are careful and understand what to consider, the difference in used and new can be nominal. Here are a few handy tips if you are thinking about splashing out on a used Porsche.


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Don't get stuck on used Porsche original body-work. Many folks will think about a vehicle having all original bodywork to be a highlight however the older the car gets the more likely it is to have required new parts possibly because of simple wear and tear or minor scrapes. As long as the work has been done to high standards then there shouldn't be any problem in this area, I am not saying that the car has not been well maintained and cared for. But if it has had major surgery then it may have been involved in a serious collision and this can cause underlying issues to axles and other major areas so it may be best to avoid.




Don't be dissuaded by colors that aren't trendy today. If you're buying a 20 year old used Porsche then its color may have been the top of trend in 1980 but may not be popular today. If you are open minded about colour then you're able to find a good vehicle as it expands your options. At the end of the day, it is a Porsche, if it is in good condition - it is going to look fantastic!


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If you know nothing about cars then it will help take along a mate who understands a bit about them but do not rely on this too much as most problems can be hidden from a basic inspection if the dealer has decided to fool buyers. Somebody with knowledge of cars possibly won't be able to tell if there are major engine problems around the corner or if the car is likely to break down in the near future so believe in your instincts when dealing with the dealer. If something does not add up or you have a bad sensation then leave. The advantage of buying from a private used Porsche seller is that the price is likely to be cheaper than buying from a used Porsche dealer however there's usually no comeback if problems with the car appear a week after the purchase. Purchasing from a used Porsche dealer you will be able to negotiate a warranty, the longer the better.


Porsche, the iconic car maker, has been making unique designs with top quality engineering which have kept their charm from they were first produced up to the current day. Porsche have a reputation and so will you if you own one whether it is new or used.



Affordable Luxury


Brand new Porsches start at above £60k but by browsing used vehicles for sale you can find a model with less than 300,000 miles that will sell for up to half the original price, while still enjoying the majority of the features that the first owner experienced. Porsches are built to extremely high standards so it is possible to find an affordable second hand car that delivers on beauty and performance.




It is important to do comprehensive research by researching used cars for sale online, asking questions on forums, discussing with car experts and studying sports car magazines and reviews so that you build up a picture of different models such recurring problems, desirable features, owner ratings and expected prices.


Check For Defects


Probably the most popular of the older Porsche models is the 911. But, it was infamous for the problem with the back main oil seal turning into brittle and falling out resulting in the whole engine needing to be replaced. Cars were recalled for Porsche to fix this under warranty and so a second hand Porsche 911 should have the issue sorted but it is necessary to be aware of this and ensure that everything is all right. Other common problems consist of rips in the electric hood and problems with the steering. These can be checked by carefully looking at the car and by taking the car for a drive on a bumpy road and checking if the car veers when you hold the steering wheel straight.


Find What You Want


Additionally you need to think about what kind of car you require and what attracts your taste. The Porsche 911 Carrera will give speed while the Porsche 911 Cabriolet gives glamour and is liked by women drivers. For folks who want a true race car the Porsche 911 GT2 can do 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds while someone who wants a practical and roomy car for the whole family may wish to select a second hand Porsche Cayenne.


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Go To The Specialists


When buying second-hand cars for sale it is highly recommended to visit an approved used Porsche dealer if it's the sports car you are looking for because they have specialised knowledge and can be able to guide you in finding the right car for your wants and needs. You can discuss a warranty with most car dealers and have the confidence that you are being offered a trusted car. Many folks also like to have their auto repaired and maintained by the garage they purchased it from. Certainly, when you are ready to invest a lot of money into a costly used car you need to ensure that you are getting value for your money and that the vehicle will be properly maintained by those who have a expert knowledge of the particular make.


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